An  identification is  only possible if people work together as a team. 

It takes the expertise of many people, from different fields, to accurately reconstruct the face of a person. From the Investigator who worked the crime scene to the Anthropologist who examined the bones, or the Odontologist who studied the teeth... each person's role fits another piece to the puzzle in finding someone's identity. 

Cases  are solved because dedicated professionals believe in not letting someone stay a john or a jane doe. 

"Ku Lokomaika'i"

Finding Mr. Moreno

In May 1980, the body of a man was found in an almond orchard in the Sacramento area. In 2016, after 36 years, he has a name.

ABC10 news story:

Leon's story


Leon Danker was born in Sioux City, Iowa, on Halloween in 1950. He became a skilled mechanic in high school and opened his own shop after graduating in 1969. The only notable event after that was his brief marriage, less than one month, before his abrupt departure from everyone. The last contact he had with his family was in 1978 when he called them from Colorado asking for money to get him back home. Fifty dollars was wired and they never heard from him again… 

Identified 18 years later


On June 29, 2001, firefighters responded to a fire in a dumpster in Sacramento, CA. When the flames were extinguished they discovered the charred remains of a young female in her late teens/early 20's, possibly Caucasian with some African ancestry. 


Perrean Gray of San Francisco was identified as the body found in the dumpster. Her identity was confirmed using DNA forensic technology. November 26, 2019.